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6 Books To Get Your Motivation Back

You know me - I love a good book, and more and more recently, I've been buying a lot of non-fiction, mainly 'self-help/motivation' books, and here are a few I'd like to share with you all!


This is probabbly one of my favourite #girlboss books that I own! It's small, but don't let that decieve you - it's filled with so much advice and content for working women (and at only £5, you can't go wrong!). With contributions from inspiring women such as Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie - who's INCREDIBLE TedTalk is here, seriously, watch it NOW - and many other gems of advice, wisdom and uidance, this really is a super hand book for anyone who runs a business!


Another amazing TedTalk speaker is on this list! Again, if you haven't seen Sir Ken's incredible Ted Talk about children and education, then I suggest you watch it now! The book's full title is The Element: How Finding Your Passion Changes Everything. The Element is all about learning to recognise your talents and how to combine that with passion into doing something meaningful; it's about thinking differently, finding yourself, and inspires us to reconnect with our true selves - perfect if you're feeling a bit 'blegh'.


In this book, one of Hollywood's most powerful woman opens up about how saying 'yes' has changed her life and trailblazing career. You've probably come across some of Shonda's work, even if you didin't realise. The powerhouse that is Shonda is the creator and writer of the hit shows Grey's Anatomy, Scandal and is the executive producer of How To Get Away With Murder. Part autobiography and part self help book, Year of Yes is a truthful, honest and powerful read of how saying 'yes' has changed Rhimes' life - dealing with panic attacks before press junkets, social anxiety and other things, this truly is a book for those looking for a new horizon.


This book is a must for any girlboss - you could say this is the origin of the #girlboss movement, inspiring young women to take the helm, follow their dreams and start their own awesome business that they've always wanted. Sophia Amoruso is the CEO of Nasty Gal and of the #GIRBOSS Foundation - a high-school dropout, she has come a long way in the decade since she began her journey and this book is essential for any working woman. Inspiring, motivating and empowering, this book will surly give you that extra kick upp the ass you needed.


I remember seeing this book as I turned into Waterstones - I was at a low point and, well, I needed to get my shit together and lo and behold... I saw this book and instantly bought it. This book is perfect for people like me - you have a million things you want/need/have to do, but for some reason you're still in your pyjamas and are 3 seasons deep into the latest show on Netflix. This book tells it how it is, no suagr coating, no gently easing you into little decisions - this book will literally get you off your ass and tell you why you need to do the 'thing'. Perfect for people who need that extra boost.


Okay, okay, I know I have a lot of favourite books, but this is a book that I found myself saying 'oh my god, this is so me!' to quite a few times. Big Magic is for any creative folk who needs that extra push or needs to reignite their love for their craft. A journey of exploration, creativity, wonder and unexpected joys, Big Magic will surely lift your spirits to find that little bit of magic in the everyday.

So, there are my six books! Let me know if you've read any books that have inspired you!

Kayleigh x

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