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How Waking Up Earlier Changed Me

I have never EVER been a morning person... ever. So I really surprised myself when I got up before the break of dawn to go to the gym before work. As horrid as it sounded, getting up the first day at 5:45 was suprisingly easy; I woke up not feeling groggy (as I almost always do) and went donwstair to have a snack before getting ready to go to the gym.

I left at 6am and got the the gym just as 6:10am - here's me thinking it would be practically empty, turns out a lot of people go to the gym at 6am! This also kind of helped me with my motivation for going to the gym early - if there are this amount of poeple here, working out, getting up early the same as me, then it can't be that difficult - if it was, then there would be far less people here. Everyone's motivation to be there that early really inspired me, and I thouroughly enjoyed my workout that morning - although I might have to think about more energizing snacks for the morning!

I left the gym with a proud grin - the birds were cheeping and there were hardly any cars on the road - absolute bliss! I got home for about 7:30am and was just amazed at how much time I now had to do everything. I normally get up for work at around 8am, as it doesn't take me a long time to get ready at all - and here I was, sitting in my gym gear with a glorious extra half an hour to spare.

I managed to plan a few more Instagram posts, make a super nice breakfast and I ACTUALLY PUT MAKE-UP ON! I felt like a new woman.

I strolled into work, happy as can be, knowing that my morning had gotten off to a great start. Overall, I felt happier that morning and had a great night sleep that night!

I have gotten up at 5:45am to go to the gym a few times since then, but unfortunatly going to the gym each morning isn't something I can do everyday, as much as I would want to, but never the less I have enjoyed it and am looking forward to the next time I get an early start - perhaps instead of the gym, I'll go for an early morning walk!

Kayleigh x

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