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My 'Why?'

Unlike most business owners, I didn't really start out with a 'why' before I began my business journey - it sort of came to me shortly after, and from then on has been interwoven in everything I do, business life and personal.

My 'why?'...

It's all about mental health and wellbeing. The services that I offer give my clients time - and what they choose to do with that time is completely up to them - if they want to use that time to keep cracking on with their awesome business, take some time with their family or to take some well needed time-out for themselves- it's all about choosing what is best for you.

I started flesh out my business by expanding the skills that I have used and learnt in previous and on-going work, just thinking that they will be useful services for small and independant buisness and their owners; but upon seeing first-hand how stressful it can sometimes be to run a fab business on your own, that's when I thought about the more personal level of my business and what my services mean for my clients and their wellbeing, and how my services can help other people.

I've unfortunately witnessed first-hand the devestating consequences that poor mental health can bring. In 2015, one of my close friends committed suicide - I was studying for my last year of A-Levels and it came as a complete shock to everyone. When you're that young, you think you're invincible and nothing like that can ever happen, but sadly it does. Although we were all traumatised by the loss of our friend, the one single positive that came out of the situation was that everyone started to learn more about mental health and became aware of how common it is, thus slowly starting to become aware of the warning signs and reaching out to friends in need. This awareness and recognition of how common poor mental health is is something that I want to weave into my business and discuss with my clients - are you working with me because you need some extra time to get other jobs done? Has work become a little stressful and just need someone to take care of a few thing?

I know how tiring it can feel.

I know how exhausted you can become.

I know how suddenly eveything comes at at you - it's overwhelming.

And I want to help ease all of those feelings. Acknowledging them is the first part - you should never disregard your feelings; to disregard how you feel is taking away the solution to the problem, and the solution to help.

The second part is to ask for help - whether that's within your business or personal life - there is always help for those who ask for it.


Let's help you on your business journey and start making you feel more empowered, relaxed and like you're a complete #girlboss!

I look forward to seeing how I can help you!

Kayleigh x