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5 Reasons To Outsource Your Lightroom Image Editing

Image editing can take up so much time, can't it? Luckily for you, it's my job, and I love it! Realising that you want to, or need to, outsource your editing is a big step. And I understand - these are your images that you've captured, and they're so precious, why would you want to let someone else edit them? I take the time to understand your editing style, so these images will be as true to your look as they can be - after all, we want everyone to think you've edited these images yourself, right? So, here are five reasons to outsource your Lightroom image editing.

You Can't Keep Up With Demand

I know how hard you photographers work - nothing can stop you when you have a camera in your hands! A trigger-happy shoot day is wonderful, but coming back to edit over 3000 images may become overwhelming, and when you have many shoots per week all like that, the editing workload can become daunting, even almost impossible to keep up with. If you keep going like this, you'll create a massive backlog for yourself and a world filled with stress about finishing edits. This is why I'm here, to take that pressure off so you can enjoy doing what you do best.

It's Easy

That's right - it's super easy. Once you've enquired, we'll set up a video call so I can learn a bit more about you, your business, your images and your editing style! I often ask my clients to send me a 'test' catalogue to edit - a range of interior and exterior images, different subjects and lighting scenarios so I can get a feel of how to edit each image in a different scene. I'll then send it back and aks for any feedback - and then it's time to rock and roll!

It Will Save You Time

We've all had that one *really* long catalogue we've had to edit, haven't we? I think the longest catalogue I've edited took me over 8 hours to edit (interiors can be VERY tricky!). And whilst I was editing that catalogue, I was thinking, what would my client NOT be doing if I wasn't doing this? What have I enabled them to now do because I've given them 8 hours of time they wouldn't have had? It's always a joy when my clients tell me that I've given them some time back - and they get to choose what to do with all of that time. A lot of my clients are working on scaling their business - launching a course or creating content that will benefit their clients - so it's all connected. By giving you some time back, you'll then be able to put that time into creating for your business, which will in turn, help your clients too.

Your Work Will Be In Safe Hands

I know it can be scary handing over your images for someone else to edit. But your work is in safe hands. Not only do I create back-ups of the work I edit, I also keep the files for 2 months - just in case! And all of our work will also be on a shared folder online for you to access.

And in terms of editing, as mentioned in a previous paragraph, we'll have a video call to chat about your editing style, and I'll also edit a 'test' catalogue for you, so we can fine-tune the editing process, making sure your images are as you as they can be!

Connecting to New Creatives

Running a business can be lonely, and having someone working with you on your business is a great way to feel a little less so. I'm here not only to help you with your editing but to also lend an ear. I'm running a business myself, so I know the woes, troubles and worries that come with it all. I'm always excited to work with photographers and learn their ways of editing, and it's always so interesting learning different editing styles. I love connecting with photographers, and it's always lovely to see how different their work is.

I hope this gives you a little nudge to think about outsourcing your editing. Remember, you can't do everything all at once, and if you're struggling to keep up with the workload, because I know there can be a lot, there's no shame in asking for a little help! Even if it's one catalogue, or 100, I'm here to help!