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How To Be More Accessible With Your Copy, And Why It Matters

A few weeks ago, we touched upon inclusivity in copy (you can read that blog post here), but how can you be more accessible with your copy, and what does that mean? Scroll on dear reader; you're about to find out.

Do You Provide Other Options?

Having a well-written piece of copy is great, but it could be better. People with good eyesight can read it, but what about those who are visually impaired? Having other forms of your copy, such as an audio version of a blog post, for example, is an excellent way for you copy to be more accessible to a broader audience.

ALT Text

Your copy may come with some beautiful imagery that really supplements what you've written, but what about those who may not be able to see your images? Adding ALT text to your images online can enhance a users experience, especially if they're unable to see your image. Using ALT text on images on your blog, and even on Instagram is a great way to ensure your audience will be able to get the whole experience of what you've written and the visual story that goes with it.

Caption Videos

Making sure you caption your videos not only benefits people who are hard of hearing but also offers your audience a way to watch your videos without disturbing others if they haven't got earphones. We all know how annoying it can be when someone is watching a video without earphones! Youtube does a good job of having automated closed captions. Still, if you have all of your videos on IGTV for example, unless you caption your videos yourself, there's no way for people who are hard of hearing to listen to your videos.

Available In Different Languages

Although everyone's browser should be good at automatically translating any web page, make sure that this is a feature you know your website supports. With over 921 million people speaking Mandarin Chinese as their first language, and over 463 million people with Spanish as their first language, you could be missing out on a massive potential audience if your copy isn't translatable.

I hope these tips have helped you rethink about how you word/phrase or even think about the accessibility of your copy, on whatever platform you decide to publish on.