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How To Find Your Image Editing Style

There are millions of different ways to editing an image, and anyone can edit an image, but what is it about that image that makes it yours? What is your style? If you're just beginning on your image editing journey, or are looking deeper within to find or define your image editing style, then this is the blog post for you.

Kayleigh is holding her Fuji X-T30 in her lap, her HP laptop is also in her lap, and you can see her pale green H&M dress with wildflowers on it as a pattern.

Finding Your Style

So, you've taken a collection of images and you've come to edit them - but what do you do? What style are you going to edit them in? One way to really help find your style is to find some images that really speak to you. Do you like moody tones, or that one specific shade of green, or perhaps you like your image to be really warm, or almost film-like? One great way to do this is by looking on Pinterest - there are so many incredible images on there that you can take inspiration from, so why not create a mood board with images that speak to you and collate them into a Pinterest board. If you want some inspo, I've created a Pinterest board for you with a few image editing style inspo boards! You can view it here.

Once you have done that, find out what they all have in common - is there a common colour they all use, or a common mood of the images? Go through a refine your images so you have a batch that you definitely want to try and emulate.

Defining Your Style

Now you know what kind of look you want to go for within your images, it's time to get editing - this is the fun part! The main thing to remember is that you're not trying to copy these images, just taking the parts of them that you like and making it your own. The best thing about image editing is that there are so many different possibilities for one image, and finding your true style and process only comes with time. It's also good to remember that your style will change over time - you'll tweak your process and style here and there throughout your image editing journey - goodness knows how many changes I've made to mine! And again, that's one of the best things about image editing, that nothing is set in stone, and as you change as a photographer or images editor, so will your style of images.

I hope you found this blog post, and the Pinterest board helpful! Have fun editing!

Kayleigh x