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How To Make Your Own Lightroom Mobile Preset

Want to know how to make your very own Lightroom Mobile preset? It's very easy once you know how - so here are the steps to create your very own awesome preset in Adobe Lightroom Mobile!

Import some test images - When I create my Lightroom Mobile presets I always have a range of images to test them out on so I can get the best look across a wide range of images. And even though a preset isn't a one-stop-shop of editing an image (you'll always have to make tweaks afterwards!) it's great to have a selection of images to make sure the colours and look of the preset is consistent across all kind of images and settings.

Think about how you want your images to look - Images can look completely different with only minor changes, so it's important that you know how you want your images to look when you're creating your preset - or just ignore that and have some fun! Whenever I start creating my presets, I usually start off with a theme. For example, I have just launched some Spring Presets (you can download them for free here!) and I wanted these presets to have quite a pastel, and fresh look - a look that really brings out the colours of Spring and the cherry blossoms that are so popular this time of year. I also wanted a filmic look to these presets, so I added a good amount of grain and took down the clarity to add a 'bloom' effect. These are all things to consider when crafting your preset - how you want your images to look, and most importantly feel. Will you craft something that's moodier, or will you keep it quite natural, or make the colours pop - experiment!

Start crafting your preset - Now you know how you want your Lightroom Mobile preset to look, now you have to make it. Play around with all of the settings - the colour tab, the effects tab, the lighting tab - go for it! This is a fantastic time to experiment and fine-tune your preset.

Go to the preset tab, and save - All you have to do to save the changes you've made to your image is Presets > ... > create preset. It's that simple! Now you have your very own Lightroom Mobile preset!

And there you have it - you've now made your very own Lightroom Mobile preset! Your image editing will be a lot easier from now on.

Kayleigh x