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How To Remove Objects from Your Image Using Adobe Photoshop Fix

Updated: Feb 12, 2021

Got something pesky in the background of your image that you want to remove? No problem, I got you! In today's tutorial, I'll be showing you how to remove some objects from your image using Adobe Photoshop Fix.

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The example image that I have with me today is from one of my photos that I have done with Rebecca Douglas Photography. As you can see, this is a very autumnal shoot with lots of pumpkins, and today, we are going to be trying to get rid of some of those pumpkins. I don't know why you'd want to get rid of pumpkins, if anything, I would add more.

So to remove your objects, you will be needing the healing tool. You do have a few options, you have spot heal, patch, and Clone Stamp. But today, we're going to be using the Spot Healing Brush. At the side, you can see the adjustable tools that you can use, obviously, increase and decrease the size of the brush and the hardness of the brush. To start removing some objects from your image, we're going to zoom in. The alignment is a little bit off on this, so it's not quite to the touch, I found that it's a bit down on the alignment. So I'm just going to work my way around this image and everything in red is what is going to be removed. If we zoom out, it's like it was never there. Incredible. Now let's try removing a few more. What you want to do to remove objects from your image is not to get a lot of the background or the foreground and just get what you want to remove out of your photo. Otherwise, it might look quite odd, and patchy here and there. As an example, textured surfaces may be quite tricky to remove an object on. Let's take this little pumpkin here in the straw, for example. If I go to remove it, you will see that because it is such a textured and varied background that it's on, it might have just a bit of trouble removing it or is not looking as sleek as you would want it. As you can see, the textures don't really match up. So for something like that, you might want to use the patch tool instead. And using the patch tool, this covers the area that you last spot healed from. So as you can see, the last pumpkin I did was this one here. And so if I do the patch tool, and just slide it, it kind of just copies the area that you're touching. So I could add pumpkins by doing this or I can take them away. As you can see, everything in that spot that we've just spot healed is now going to be cloned anywhere that we would like, so let's try and get somewhere quite similar. And that is how you use Adobe fix to remove objects from your photo. Thank you very much for watching this tutorial. I'll see you again very soon.