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How To Write A Killer Instagram Bio

Making a good first impression counts, and many people first encounter a brand or a business for the first time via social media, namely Instagram. And although your images and feed may look AMAZING, if the person doesn't know what or who you are via your bio, they're less likely to buy your products, services, or follow you - and everyone would love all three of those things to happen.

So what does it take to have a killer, well-written, and memorable bio? Let's have a look, step-by-step, and dissect the perfect Instagram bio!

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Who Are You Writing For?

Who is your audience? Do you know your demographic? What are their interests? Do you know why they follow you? These are all things to take into account when writing your Instagram bio. For example, I know that my main demographic is photographers and small business, and within that are professional, amateur, and beginner photographers, and also people thinking about starting their business or are working on their side-hustle. The main age range of my audience is around 24 - 35, and my audience leans heavily towards women. So, with all of that in mind, what would a perfect Instagram bio look like?

Writing The Perfect Instagram Bio For You

Here is my current Instagram bio for Lightbulb & Star. A few things that are important in writing a good Instagram bio is to get as much information to your audience/followers as you can. Where you would have your name, if you had a personal profile, I've put my services, as the name of my business, Lightbulb & Star, is already in my username, so there's no need to repeat it twice. And as I'm a business account, you can see what kind of business I am - a Product/Service based business. The next bit is what matters - your bio.

In my bio you can see who I'm targeting/who my services are for (photographers), and what it is that I do (provide expert Lightroom & Writing Services). I've got my personal Instagram in there as well so people can follow me on my personal journey if they wish, and I've also got where I'm based. SO many times have I gone onto a profile or product page where I have really loved something/someone, and only after trawling through their website finding out that they are based in Australia! That's fantastic if you live in Australia, but as a Kent-based gal, I'd preferably like to work with photographers in the same time-zone as me. I also have in my bio a call to action - the 'Presets In Shop' action. This is a fantastic way to bring new customers and/or clients to your work/shop.

So, in 7 easy steps, we are going to write the perfect Instagram bio!

  1. Define your audience - who are you writing for?

  2. Utilise your name tag - does your audience know who you are through your @handle? There's no need to repeat yourself - define your products/services.

  3. Can your audience see what kind of business you are? Are you a brick-and-mortar business, or are you online? Do you have products to sell or are you service based?

  4. Target your audience, call them out, name them! If they're photographer, then put photographers. If you work with small businesses, then put small businesses.

  5. SAY! WHAT! YOU! DO! - What services are you providing? Are you an expert in your field? What do you offer your customers/clients?

  6. Where are you based? Tell your followers where you are based? Don't want to go into too much detail? No problem - country/county/state is a good enough geographical marker.

  7. Add a call to action. Don't have one yet? Even a simple 'visit our website' is good enough. People will only go if you TELL them!

What did you come up with? I'd love to know what you've written as your perfect Instagram bio!