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Lightroom VS VSCO | What Image Editing App Is Better?

I love a good editing app, but there are so many out there to choose from, all including different features and pricing plans. Today, we'll be looking at two of my favourite editing apps, Adobe Lightroom Mobile, and VSCO. We'll be comparing their features, prices, how user friendly they are, and my overall thoughts about the individual apps. It's hard to say which app is more popular - with both apps racking up well over 100 million + downloads on the Google Play Store, and I hope I'll give you the info you need to make an informed decision. I hope my experience as an image editor will help you make some conclusions on what image editing app you'd prefer to edit your images on.

VSCO | Perfect For Beginners

In my personal opinion, I think VSCO is perfect for someone new to image editing. The free version of the VSCO app comes with loads of different presets - perfect for any mood or style, and great for someone who is discovering their editing style. Importing and exporting your images is easy, and the design of the app is sleek and is easy to navigate.

Once you've imported an image, you have loads of tools at your disposal, and even more if you buy the premium version of VSCO for £1.62 per month/£19.49 per year.

The tools are intuitive, precise and well-made, giving you a lot of control over how you want your images to look. You can go completely stylised, or edit as simple as you'd like - the control is all yours.

VSCO is made for editing phone images. If you're taking images on a professional camera, the RAW's may not turn out great. Many camera phones are on par with most DSLR's image resolution, so the option for editing large images files is definitely there, but your results may vary.

Overall, VSCO is perfect for the happy phone snapper. It's quick, easy to use, and relatively cheap to use for the year than other mobile image editing apps, or if you're not looking to spend any money at all, the free version is awesome as well!

Adobe Lightroom Mobile | A Step Up

Lightroom Mobile is my personal go-to for editing images that I take on my phone. When opening the app, it may look scary, but once you know what and where all of the features are, it's quite simple to use! I would say Lightroom Mobile is perfect for someone who has had some experience with the desktop version of Lightroom, as you'll be familiar with the features and what to expect.

The tools in Lightroom Mobile are some of the best that I have seen in an image editing app. Precise, well categorised, well made, and with a plethora of different and advanced tools, it gives you endless possibilities for your images with total control.

Lightroom Mobile also has the ability to edit RAW camera files, perfect for the trigger happy photographer on the go - and whilst I'd say it wouldn't be ideal to edit your professional images on your phone (or do, it's completely up to you!), if you had a larger device such as a tablet/iPad, it's perfect for a busy photographer.

Although Lightroom Mobile is now free to use, you will have to upgrade to access all of the app features, and starting at £9.98 per month it definitely is one of the priciest image editing apps out there. But with that cost also comes some of Adobes best programmes for you to use, as the plan also lets you download Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Lightroom CC (the desktop version of Lightroom!), and also gives you 20GB of Cloud Storage - so your images are always backed up.

Overall, I think Adobe Lightroom Mobile is the best app for the emerging photographer. It gives you the space and resources to develop your editing style, and also (if you chose to buy the Photography Plan) the opportunity to use their other professional apps that will help further your journey as a photographer/image editor.

The Verdict | Adobe Lightroom Mobile, or VSCO?

It's difficult to say which app comes on top. My overall verdict is Lightroom is the best image editing app, but VSCO does come SO close behind, as it's a great starting point for someone building up their photographer game. Ultimately, VSCO is perfect for beginners, whereas Lightroom Mobile is perfect for those already familiar with image editing and photography.

I hope you all have found this helpful! What are some of your favourite image editing apps? Are there any that you think are better than Lightroom or VSCO? Let me know in the comments.