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Our First Lightroom Mobile Preset Pack Is Here!

Updated: Nov 20, 2020

Releasing a preset pack is something I have wanted to do for ages now, and now they're finally here!

I've been working away at four new Lightroom Mobile presets for you all, and what's better? They're FREE! If you're a regular here, you would have noticed that we have a new 'presets' tab at the top of our pages, and that's where you can download four new FREE Autumnal inspired presets.

These presets are made for phone images (although I'm sure they'd work in Lightroom Desktop). All of the test images were taken on my Huawei P20 Pro, and those were the images that I crafted and tested the new presets on - think of ALL the Autumnal colours, pumpkins, spooky happenings and magical mischief!

Included in the Autumn Preset Pack are four presets, three coloured and one black and white. On the presets page is the option to download a Preset Help Guide document if you need any help installing them into Lightroom Mobile once you've downloaded them.

I cant wait to see how you'll use these presets in your editing!