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Stop Making These 5 Image Editing Mistakes!

Want to know five image editing mistakes that really get on my nerves? These five image editing mistakes are SO easy to make, and I see them everywhere - Instagram, peoples holiday photo's, including my Mum's (sorry Mum), I even see it in some professional photos too! They annoy me because 1) they're easy to make, and 2) they're even easier to fix - so no excuses! Here are five image editing mistakes that you need to stop making.

Five Image Editing Mistakes

Not adjusting your horizon line

This one annoys me SO much! I see it EVERYWHERE! As an image editor, I honestly make it my life's mission for my clients to have lovely, straight, and well-adjusted photos, and it really gripes me when I see wonky images, especially when I see professional images, that are not adjusted well.

Here is an example.