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Why Having A Branding Photography Session Is So Important!

I've been lucky enough to have a few brand photography sessions with the incredible and incomparable Rebecca Douglas Photography, and each time the sessions have taught me so much, not only about myself but my business too. I believe a brand photography session is a MUST for any business. So, read on to find out why I think having a photography branding session is SO important!

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You Get To Plan Your Content Ahead Of Time

This was super helpful for me. To plan for my brand shoot, I had to think about what kind of imagery I wanted to be created. Am I using this for an informative Instagram post, a newsletter, a blog post, educational content, website imagery? Creating a shot list of all of the content you want to be captured really makes you think about the content that you want to put out there for your brand and/or business. I LOVE a Pinterest board, and I found that this really helped when planning for my brand photoshoot as well. I was able to share the board with my photographer so we could both get a feel of the vibe and aesthetic we were going for and how this correlated with my shot list. It all made me think of how my Instagram feed, my social media posts, and my website wanted to look and feel. If you need an image for a specific blog post, put it on the shot list! If you want to talk about a specific area of your business that you want to convey with an image, put it on the shot list!

You Get To Feel Like A Superstar For The Day

Planning a prepping for a shoot can be stressful, but it can also be super fun! I loved that I indulged in a lot of self-care the night before and on the day of my photoshoot. Facemasks, nails done, eyebrows done, a proper lush shower, moisturiser, a good nights sleep - it was the most self-care I had done in a while. And of course, let's not forget all of the fun you'll have on the day of your shoot! I know not everyone is comfortable in front of the camera, and a part of combating that is your photographer. I'm lucky enough to have known mine for quite a few years, in fact, I used to work for her - but that doesn't mean that you have to know your photographer to have a brand shoot or be comfortable in front of the camera. Your photographer should make you feel at ease and give you confidence, if they're not doing that for you, then maybe you're not the right fit for each other. You want your photographer to bring out the best in you, but this exchange works both ways too! If you're not feeling it or not putting your all in, then there is not much magical camera work that will make a difference to how your photographer captures you, you've got to give as much as you can!

You Get Incredible Images

One thing that I love about having professional quality images for a business is that your customers/clients/audience can put a face to a name! Visual imagery is super important for any business, and if you sell physical products, your customers want to know what they're buying. Even though I don't sell physical products, I still want people to be able to see my face, get a sense of who I am and what I do with the images that the photographer creates. And the best thing? You now have a bank of images that you can use for anything! I have had a handful of brand shoots, and I love that I can dip in and out of the images that I have accumulated and use them for whatever I fancy.

You Get To See How Your Business Has Grown

This is my favourite thing about my images. I have had a handful of brand photo sessions, and now getting to look back on them, I can see how much I have grown as a person and within the business that I have created! It still amazes me that in my first brand photo session I didn't have a shot list and we just went with the flow. It was amazing of course, but it just shows how little I knew about business and the direction in which I wanted my business to take. Whereas I look at my most recent brand shoot - shot lists, images captured with purpose, a direction - I can see a real difference!

I could ramble on about how amazing brand photoshoots are, but I think I'll stop there. If you are considering a brand photo session for yourself or your business, I highly recommend that you do, it has been invaluable for my business, and I'm always waiting and planning for my next one.